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Five Ways to Use Outdoor Lighting to Mimic Moonlight

When it comes to using outdoor lighting to brighten up a yard for safety, security and visual interest, moonlight is the gold standard. Homeowners don’t want to have their yards filled with bright, obnoxious light, but they do want enough light to keep their homes safe, secure and beautiful. Mimicking the look of moonlight is a great way to accomplish just the right level of beautiful outdoor lighting. Here are five ways to do so.

Four Common Natural Swimming Pool Myths Busted

When it comes to backyard swimming spots, most people think of pools or hot tubs. There is another, equally as great, option that many people overlook, however: natural swimming pools. Whether it is because people don’t know about them or because they believe one of these four myths, natural swimming pools just don’t seem to get the attention they deserve. Consider these four myths, then decide for yourself.

How to Plan the Ultimate Outdoor Living Space

Your house could gain an additional room to entertain, cook and enjoy friends without touching the existing structure. Enjoying an outdoor living space in Kansas City is possible because the weather is mild for a good portion of the year. Imagine learning to barbecue because you included an outdoor kitchen in your design. Take these […]

Water Features to Improve your Workplace

Your workplace may need some life to spark creativity and reduce employee stress. A fountain or water feature might improve your workplace environment. Water displays can help your workplace if used correctly. Calming Properties Running water provides soothing sounds and visual interest. For workers that enjoy this white noise and are inspired by nature, a […]

Get Started With Your Garden- What to Plant in January

  We are still in the midst of winter. Why am I bringing up gardening? It may seem way too early to start planting seeds, but all plants are different. The exact time you sow seeds depends on the zone in which you live and the weather, but there are some things you can start […]

Create a Winter Wonderland

Gazing at your yard in the coming weeks may not bring you much refreshment or energy. As winter sets in, plants become dormant for the season, and we are often left with dull white and grey scenery. Your yard doesn’t have to fall victim to the winter doldrums. You can add some visual interest to […]

Spring Cleaning: Ponds and Landscaping

Now that spring is here, it’s time to start getting your ponds and landscapes into shape!  Here’s what you need to do to get going. Opening Your Pond Once the threat of a freeze has passed, you can safely get your pond back into shape for the spring and summer. First, check your pond for […]

Going Native Doesn’t Mean a Jungle in Your Front Yard

Not mowing your lawn and just calling it native is not exactly the idea behind the native plants movement. If you don’t believe it ask your neighbors and city authorities! There’s a misconception that native means a jungle-like area navigated only by an explorer wearing a pith helmet.  Dr. Livingstone I presume? There are many […]