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Four Outdoor Holiday Lighting Trends to Try This Year

When it comes time to hang your Christmas lights for the year, do you always hang the same lights the same way every year, or do you keep up with the latest styles and trends? If you want your home to look truly amazing, you can’t just hang the same out-dated lights every year. Here are four outdoor lighting trends you will definitely want to know about this winter.

5 Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Your Deck

A deck adds value to any home. It’s the perfect gathering spot for barbecues and lazy afternoons. With the right outdoor lighting, your deck can also be the place to be at night. In fact, adding outdoor lighting can help you use your deck twice as much.

Outdoor lighting can be functional or decorative. Of course, the right outdoor lighting fulfills both purposes. Any plan for outdoor lighting should start with practicalities, and then transition to enhancing the aesthetics of your outdoor space.

Four Things You Should Know About Keeping Your Home Safe and Secure With Outdoor Lighting

While the fact that installing outdoor lighting is a fantastic way to improve the safety and security of a home is common knowledge, the knowledge that is not so common is how to actually accomplish this task. In fact, many homeowners do not really understand where and how to install their outdoor lighting to get the best results. Installing outdoor lighting isn’t as simple as placing a few floodlights here in there. Instead, here are four things you should know.