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April Showers Bring May Flowers

You can make the most of spring by planting it in your garden with spring flowers. There are a variety of spring flowers that are known for bringing color and beauty to your outdoor space.

New Years Resolutions for Your Yard Care

Are you prepared to declare your New Years resolutions when 2014 rolls around? Many people focus on self-betterment in their resolutions: eating healthier, exercising more, spending less money, and quitting smoking or drinking often top peoples’ lists. But have you considered how your New Years resolutions should also cover aspects of your home maintenance, like yard care?

The new year is a great time to refocus on your yard care, as you can reflect on what parts of your Kansas City lawn and landscape fared well last year and what parts could be changed. When you make a New Years resolution to improve your yard care, you may even accomplish other resolutions, such as getting more exercise (regular mowing) or spending more time with your family (invite your spouse or children to help you garden!)

Here are some suggestions for New Years resolutions for your yard care!

Winter Landscaping Maintenance To-Do List

Any Kansas City native will confirm that we face harsh conditions during winter months. Many people avoid the winter chill by taking refuge in their homes with a nice warm fire blazing. But you can’t just uproot your plants to protect them from damaging winter winds and temperatures.

You might worry that it’s too late to help your plants when cold weather sets in. While it’s true that watering and pruning in the fall increases your plants’ health in winter, there’s still plenty of winter landscaping maintenance you can do. You invest time and money in your landscaping, so you shouldn’t let winter get the best of your beautiful gardens and flower beds. Here are some winter landscaping maintenance tips to keep your yard looking great this season!

5 Tips for Fall Lawn Care

Although it may appear counter intuitive, it’s very important to continue fall lawn care even after the end of summer. Depending on the location and the type of grass, applying fall fertilizer, appropriate mowing and clever seeding can help to keep the grass green throughout the winter as well as preparing it for dormancy.   […]

Keep Your Trees Healthy – Easy Tips

The presence of healthy trees in your lawn improves the aesthetic value of the home among other benefits that trees provide to homeowners. Most species of trees have long life spans when they are given the conducive growing environment, however, this lifespan can easily be curtailed through disturbances by homeowners, animals, diseases or even adverse […]

The War on Weeds

Your battle with your lawn this summer was likely against those stubborn weeds that just keep popping up. Here are a few simple tips to help with your weed control this fall.   Chemical Warfare Perhaps the most obvious choice of the bunch. Just break out the herbicide, apply it, and watch the magic happen. […]

Avoid Foundation Issues through Proper Lawn Care

Homeowners will likely do whatever they can to avoid having foundation issues or needing foundation repairs. Did you know there are several preventative measures you can take to avoid foundation problems with your home? Before we concentrate on the tips that help in avoiding foundation issues, however, it is essential to consider some of the […]

How to Rid Mushrooms in Your Lawn

Lawn mushrooms are the result of fungi infested in your yard soil in areas throughout your yard. They feed off several different sources that could be present. While they don’t necessary cause lawn diseases, they are certainly unsightly.   How to get rid of lawn mushrooms Remove all current mushrooms Begin by simply removing all […]

7 Natural Ways to Kill Off Unwanted Weeds

Looking for new ways to rid weeds this summer? Try these natural remedies to kill unwanted weeds:   Newspaper A layer of newspaper over the weeds will block out sunlight and oxygen which will smother existing weeds and prevent new weed growth. To use this technique, lay down about 10-sheet layers of newspaper and moisten […]

Stay Cool & Avoid Heat-Related Illness

If you’re working outside this summer or planning on spending a lot of time outdoors, you’re putting yourself at risk for heat-related illness.   At Prestige One Landscaping, we make sure to take these steps when working outside: Dress Properly– Be sure you’re wearing light-colored, lightweight and loose clothing when the temperatures are high. You’ll […]