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Why You Need a Patio This Spring

It may be chilly now, but we’ve made it past most of winter. The days are starting to get longer and we are reminded that spring will eventually return. And what better way to enjoy the outdoors then with a patio? This landscaping element is a great addition to almost any property — and for more reasons than you might expect.

Landscaping Design Tips for Outdoor Kitchens

Now is the perfect time to start thinking about landscaping for when the weather starts to warm up this spring. Outdoor kitchens are a great landscaping feature to help you and your family relax outside and enjoy your yard. But to get the most of your outdoor kitchen, careful attention must be paid to your landscaping design. Outdoor kitchens provide the perfect combination of food and the fun. Here are a few landscaping tips for designing and effective outdoor kitchen.

Can Good Landscaping Help You Sell Your Home?

In today’s housing market, you need all of the help you get to attract potential home buyers. Fortunately, smart landscaping practices can help! Read on to learn how you can make your yard look cleaner, more attractive and much easier to sell!

Innovative Solutions to Deter Deer with Landscaping

Whether you’re in a rural or suburban location, deer can be a threat to your landscaping efforts. The damage that deer can cause to your landscaping can be substantial. Here are a few ways that you can keep deer away from your trees and other plants.

The Hottest Landscaping Trends for 2015

As we get closer to the holidays, many homeowners are thinking forward to warmer weather — and the landscaping opportunities that accompany those warmer days. The new year brings new opportunities and new trends in landscaping. Ready to find out what they are?

Five Tips for Landscaping on a Budget

Just because creating a beautiful yard with landscaping can be very expensive does not mean it has to be. It is entirely possible to create a beautiful yard without breaking the bank. Here are five tips for landscaping on a budget.

Five Winter Landscaping Ideas for a Beautiful Yard All Year Round

Think you have to wait until spring to enjoy your beautiful landscaping? As it turns out, you don’t have to wait at all. While you won’t have the variety of flowers in the winter that you do in the spring, there are still several winter landscaping ideas that you can use to make your landscaping look beautiful all year round.

Your Essential Winter Landscaping Task List

While most people think of spring when they think of landscaping, the truth is that if you want a beautiful yard in the spring, you need to take steps now to make sure that it will be beautiful once the warm weather arrives. Here are five landscaping tasks you need to do before winter hits to ensure that your yard will be ready for spring.

Kansas City | Five Landscaping Tricks to Prevent Mushrooms Naturally

Mushrooms are a common type of fungal growth that can be seen in yards of all types. They can be toxic, and most homeowners don’t like the look of mushrooms in their landscaping. If your yard is prone to mushrooms, here are five landscaping tricks you can use to deter them or to help them die out quicker after they have already found a home in your yard.

How Landscaping Can Prevent a Mole Infestation

A mole infestation is a nightmare for homeowners. They see the signs of it mainly in the spring and fall when mounds of earth erupt overnight. What can be done about it or, better yet, how can it be prevented?