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Beautifying Kansas City One Landscape At A Time

Kansas City | Try These Whimsical Landscape Design Ideas!

From the tiny animals below the ground’s surface to the way that the plants grow, a garden can and should be a place of wonder and amazement. Don’t settle for a garden that is merely beautiful, as lovely as that is. Incorporate a little playfulness and fun into your garden with these whimsical landscape design ideas.

Kansas City | Five Landscaping Tricks to Prevent Mushrooms Naturally

Mushrooms are a common type of fungal growth that can be seen in yards of all types. They can be toxic, and most homeowners don’t like the look of mushrooms in their landscaping. If your yard is prone to mushrooms, here are five landscaping tricks you can use to deter them or to help them die out quicker after they have already found a home in your yard.

Kansas City | Five Benefits of Natural Swimming Pools

You already know that natural swimming pools make beautiful additions to a backyard, but did you know that they offer several other benefits as well? If you are thinking about installing a pool in your backyard but you aren’t sure whether you want to go natural or not, here are five benefits of natural swimming pools you’ll want to consider.

Kansas City | Five Steps to Prepare Your Irrigation System for Winter

Installing an irrigation system is a great way to save yourself hours of time in the summer. You won’t have to go out and water your lawn every day to keep it green; the irrigation system will automatically do it for you.