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How Can You Benefit from Rainwater Harvesting?

Many homeowners love having a green lawn all summer. Others have water features that require switching out the water periodically. Still others have sizable gardens that get parched during hot weather. Whether they are committed to their lawn, water features or the garden, all of these homeowners could benefit from rainwater harvesting systems.

Why Do You Need Landscape Design?

Landscape design is a complex process that involves far more than choosing plants and putting them in the right spot. True landscape design begins with ideas. Think about how you’ll use your yard. Is it a place to entertain? Will it be an escape from the world? Do you need a deck? Would you like to attract hummingbirds and butterflies?

5 Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Your Deck

A deck adds value to any home. It’s the perfect gathering spot for barbecues and lazy afternoons. With the right outdoor lighting, your deck can also be the place to be at night. In fact, adding outdoor lighting can help you use your deck twice as much.

Outdoor lighting can be functional or decorative. Of course, the right outdoor lighting fulfills both purposes. Any plan for outdoor lighting should start with practicalities, and then transition to enhancing the aesthetics of your outdoor space.

How Landscaping Can Prevent a Mole Infestation

A mole infestation is a nightmare for homeowners. They see the signs of it mainly in the spring and fall when mounds of earth erupt overnight. What can be done about it or, better yet, how can it be prevented?