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Four Things You Should Know About Keeping Your Home Safe and Secure With Outdoor Lighting

While the fact that installing outdoor lighting is a fantastic way to improve the safety and security of a home is common knowledge, the knowledge that is not so common is how to actually accomplish this task. In fact, many homeowners do not really understand where and how to install their outdoor lighting to get the best results. Installing outdoor lighting isn’t as simple as placing a few floodlights here in there. Instead, here are four things you should know.

Five Ways to Use Outdoor Lighting to Mimic Moonlight

When it comes to using outdoor lighting to brighten up a yard for safety, security and visual interest, moonlight is the gold standard. Homeowners don’t want to have their yards filled with bright, obnoxious light, but they do want enough light to keep their homes safe, secure and beautiful. Mimicking the look of moonlight is a great way to accomplish just the right level of beautiful outdoor lighting. Here are five ways to do so.

Seven of the Hottest Trends in Water Features for 2014

Thanks to the recent economic downturn, many Americans are downsizing. This trend towards smaller homes has helped encourage another trend as well: outdoor living. While Americans still spend approximately 90 percent of their days indoors, many are looking to spend more time outdoors, and these seven water features provide a great reason to do so.

Four Common Natural Swimming Pool Myths Busted

When it comes to backyard swimming spots, most people think of pools or hot tubs. There is another, equally as great, option that many people overlook, however: natural swimming pools. Whether it is because people don’t know about them or because they believe one of these four myths, natural swimming pools just don’t seem to get the attention they deserve. Consider these four myths, then decide for yourself.