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New Years Resolutions for Your Yard Care

Are you prepared to declare your New Years resolutions when 2014 rolls around? Many people focus on self-betterment in their resolutions: eating healthier, exercising more, spending less money, and quitting smoking or drinking often top peoples’ lists. But have you considered how your New Years resolutions should also cover aspects of your home maintenance, like yard care?

The new year is a great time to refocus on your yard care, as you can reflect on what parts of your Kansas City lawn and landscape fared well last year and what parts could be changed. When you make a New Years resolution to improve your yard care, you may even accomplish other resolutions, such as getting more exercise (regular mowing) or spending more time with your family (invite your spouse or children to help you garden!)

Here are some suggestions for New Years resolutions for your yard care!

Winter Landscaping Maintenance To-Do List

Any Kansas City native will confirm that we face harsh conditions during winter months. Many people avoid the winter chill by taking refuge in their homes with a nice warm fire blazing. But you can’t just uproot your plants to protect them from damaging winter winds and temperatures.

You might worry that it’s too late to help your plants when cold weather sets in. While it’s true that watering and pruning in the fall increases your plants’ health in winter, there’s still plenty of winter landscaping maintenance you can do. You invest time and money in your landscaping, so you shouldn’t let winter get the best of your beautiful gardens and flower beds. Here are some winter landscaping maintenance tips to keep your yard looking great this season!