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How to Rid Mushrooms in Your Lawn

Lawn mushrooms are the result of fungi infested in your yard soil in areas throughout your yard. They feed off several different sources that could be present. While they don’t necessary cause lawn diseases, they are certainly unsightly.   How to get rid of lawn mushrooms Remove all current mushrooms Begin by simply removing all […]

7 Natural Ways to Kill Off Unwanted Weeds

Looking for new ways to rid weeds this summer? Try these natural remedies to kill unwanted weeds:   Newspaper A layer of newspaper over the weeds will block out sunlight and oxygen which will smother existing weeds and prevent new weed growth. To use this technique, lay down about 10-sheet layers of newspaper and moisten […]

Stay Cool & Avoid Heat-Related Illness

If you’re working outside this summer or planning on spending a lot of time outdoors, you’re putting yourself at risk for heat-related illness.   At Prestige One Landscaping, we make sure to take these steps when working outside: Dress Properly– Be sure you’re wearing light-colored, lightweight and loose clothing when the temperatures are high. You’ll […]