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How to Clean a Wood Deck

If you don’t have a power washer, you may be at a loss for how to clean your deck. But with all of the weather changes, debris and water marks, it’s going to need a good cleaning.    Follow these steps to have your front or back deck nice and clean for summer entertaining: Remove […]

10 Ideas for Adding Stone to Your Landscape

If you’re interested in enhancing the personality of your landscape with stone, here are 10 ideas how:   1. Add some terraced stone steps to create a focal point in the front or back. Mixing and matching patterns will provide some personality and so will adding visually interesting plants to either side.   2. Pave […]

What’s the Best Water Feature for my Outdoor Space?

Looking to make your outdoor space just as cozy and inviting as your home? There are several ways to do this, including: outdoor furniture, a covered deck or patio, or even an outdoor kitchen. However, if you’re truly looking to enhance your yard into a vibrant sanctuary, you should consider installing a water feature.   […]

2013 Landscape Design Trends for Your Backyard

Now more than ever, your backyard is the perfect place to find an escape and some relaxation. Whether it’s in a porch swing or you’re lucky enough to lay by the pool, more individuals and families are spending their time unwinding at home.   A beautiful backyard escape usually begins with a relaxing and eye-appealing […]