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Get Started With Your Garden- What to Plant in January

  We are still in the midst of winter. Why am I bringing up gardening? It may seem way too early to start planting seeds, but all plants are different. The exact time you sow seeds depends on the zone in which you live and the weather, but there are some things you can start […]

How to Protect Potted Plants This Winter

Winter brings snow and colder weather, which can provide lots of fun activities outside and warm, cozy, and dry times inside. However, our potted plants don’t enjoy the cold temperatures as much as we do. Winter container gardening is challenging, but a few precautions with a bit of knowledge can protect your potted plants. You […]

Create a Winter Wonderland

Gazing at your yard in the coming weeks may not bring you much refreshment or energy. As winter sets in, plants become dormant for the season, and we are often left with dull white and grey scenery. Your yard doesn’t have to fall victim to the winter doldrums. You can add some visual interest to […]